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E1-LHI-20KK25-Z ElectroCap
There is a single connection to your EEG equipment via an adapter. All electrodes are then connected at the same time using a plug connection. Various designs of adapter are available, so that the caps can be connected to any type of EEG apparatus. The design of the electrodes ensures an excellent connection via a saline bridge. This gurantees artefact-free measurement, supported by the reduction of transfer resistance and sources of interface. Size Colour 62-58 (L) Blue 58-54 (M) Red 54-50 (S) Yellow 50-46 (XS) Green
MultiCap-Pro-Flat MultiCap-Pro Flat EP
Developed according to the latest requirements of the IFCN and in cooperation with the University Hospital of Geneva: New ergonomic cap, pre-wired with 25 electrodes (19 standard positions + the new 6 positions: F9-T9-P9 and F10-T10-P10) + grounding and reference. The latest IFCN guidelines for the standardization of EEG devices recommend the use of at least 25 electrodes for the standard EEG in both children and adults up to 64 -128 electrodes for source localization Change labels on amplifiers and electrodes. Size Number of electrodes Connection Colour I3, 24-28 cm 27 37-pol brown I2, 28-32 cm 27 37-pol red I3, 32-36 cm 27 37-pol blue XS, 36-42 cm 27 37-pol green S-XS, 39-45 cm 27 37-pol yellow/green S, 42-48 cm 27 37-pol yellow MS, 45-51 cm 27 37-pol red/yellow M, 48-54 cm 27 37-pol red LM, 51-57 cm 27 37-pol blue/red L, 54-60 cm 27 37-pol blue XL 60-66 cm 27 37-pol white XXL, 57-63 cm 27 37-pol black/blue
MCS-Flat-ohneE MultiCap without electrodes and holders
Cap for Flat, Base, Cup, Soft, DOC or PRO Electrodes M ade in Neoprene for greater patient comfort. Provides a better access to the scalp, through holes between the electrode positions Electrode holders designed for patient comfort, made in soft and skin-friendly material and easily repositionable. Electrodes available in Tin, Ag/AgCl and sintered Ag/AgCl Size Color I3 24-28 cm yellow I2 28-32 cm red I1 32-36 cm light blue XS 36-42 cm green SXS 39-45 cm green/yellow S 42-48 cm yellow MS 45-51 cm red/yellow M 48-54 cm red LM 51-57 cm blue/red L 54-60 cm blue XLL 57-63 cm black/blue XL 60-66 cm green
CAPCABXX2825F_V1-1 Electrode Board Adapter for EEG pre-wired caps
Connections 25-pol to 15 x 1.5 mm TP 25-pol to 21 x 1.5 mm TP 37-pol to 27 x 1.5 mm TP 37-pol to 33 x 1.5 mm TP
CAPCABXX25F26SI_V1-1 Adapter
Electrode board adapter with 20 or 21 (20 electrodes + reference) to connect prewired headcaps with multi-connector like MultiCaps or ElectroCaps to any EEG system. Quantity Connection electrode side Connection device side Description 20 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN twisted 21 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN twisted 20 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN not twisted 21 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN not twisted
S-HAUBE-24 Schröter EEG Cap for Bridge Electrodes
10/20 distances already pre-set Made of soft, elastic, transparent and wear-resistant materials Chin holder and ear pads included 1 pc. Reference-Number Color Circumference S-Haube-16 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 16 cm S-Haube-18 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 18 cm S-Haube-20 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 20 cm S-Haube-22 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 22 cm S-Haube-24 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 24 cm S-Haube-26 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 26 cm S-Haube-28 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 28 cm S-Haube-30 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 30 cm S-Haube-32 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 32 cm S-Haube-34 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 34 cm S-Haube-36 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 36 cm S-Haube-38 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 38 cm S-Haube-40 transparent / multicolor / red / blue / green / yellow 40 cm
SWAPS_V1-1 Electrode Cleaning
Cotton buds or cleaning brushes for careful cleaning of electrodes. Thorough cleaning prevents artefacts. Type Description Woodsticks 1 flat and 1 pointed side Cleaning brushes Synthetic fibres Cotton buds Extra long handle for easy skin preparation
E-4-Z-26_V2-1 Quick Insert electrode
The Quick Insert Electrode is used for all ElectroCaps and HeadCaps as a temporary bridge to remedy a faulty system cap electrode. 120 cm cable length Type Connector Tin 1.5 mm TP Tin 2 mm Sintert AgCl 1.5 mm TP Sintert AgCl 2 mm
S-Haube_bunt_V1-1 EEG Cap GVB
Longitudinal braces which are connected to the cross bracing at the crossover points by rubber rings. All parts can be supplied as individual parts. Color Size transparent Large multi coloured Large transparent Medium multi coloured Medium transparent Small multi coloured Small
2402 Fixbutton for Rubberband
Attachment buttons for the chin strap for the Schröter- and Hygiene-Cap. Size Quantity 16 mm short thorn 2 pcs. 16 mm short thorn 10 pcs. 19 mm long thorn 2 pcs. 19 mm long thorn 10 pcs.
WaveGuard Connect EEG cap_noconnect Med Waveguard connect Head Cap
waveguard connect: excellent choice for everyday EEG applications 21 active EEG electrodes, plus reference and ground Convenient connection to all EEG systems is achieved with optional adapters to individual 1.5mm touchproof connectors Coolmax breathable fabric for enhanced comfort and short drying times; easy to use and maintain Each head cap features 21 channels + reference & ground and includes a chin strap. Standard output is a DB25 connector. Electrode Type: Tin International 10-20 Electrode Placement Color Size Yellow Baby Red Infant Blue Child Yellow/black Small Red/black Medium Blue/black Large
ME-17F-A-26 Electrode queue Flat for MultiCaps
Electrodes braid for MultiCap Flat Multi Cap Size Electrodes Connector Cable lenght 24 – 36 cm 21 sintered Ag/AgCl 25-pol 150 cm 24 – 36 cm 21 sintered Ag/AgCl 25-pol 150 cm 36 – 51 cm 21 sintered Ag/AgCl 25-pol 150 cm 51 – 66 cm 20 sintered Ag/AgCl 25-pol 150 cm 51 – 66 cm 14 sintered Ag/AgCl 25-pol 150 cm
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