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CNSAC-NC-007 17 Nasal/Oral Cannula for Pressure Sensor
For a reliable diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea according to AASM. Highly-sensitive Nasal/Oral Cannula with excellent wearing comfort. Adult Tube length Quantity 60 cm 100 pcs. 180 cm 50 pcs.
CNSAC-NC-002 Low Cost Nasal Cannula
Nasal Pressure transducer with male Luer-Lock connector. CNSAC Nasal Cannulas are compatible to all devices with a Luer-Lock connection inclduing. Adults 60 cm tubing 100 pcs.
15809 filter Disposable Cannula Filters
Luer Lock connectors Most cannulas & pressure flow/snore sensors 25 pcs.
TA-001K CPAP Pressure Tube
Tube with a Luer Lock connector to measure CPAP mask pressure Compatibility: Natus Embla NDx, Natus Embla SDx, Embla N7000, Embla S4000/S4500, Embletta MPR, Embletta Gold. Most pressure flow/snore sensors & most CPAP masks 1/pkg Length 80 cm
15819 Nox Compatible Cannula Filter Connector
Nox Compatible Cannula Filter Connector