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boject lt orange Bo-ject Hypodermic Needle Electrodes
For therapy and nerve block procedures. Records EMG activity while allowing injection of medication Stainless steel hypodermic needle design with consistent sharpness Coated with a low friction insulator for ease of insertion Connects with both Luer Lock and Slip Tip syringes Color-coded leads for easy identification cable length 35.5” (90cm); terminates in a 1.5mm female touchproof connector Pre-sterilized Needle Length Needle Diameter Lead Color 25 mm 0.30 mm (30G) Tan 25 mm 0.41 mm (27G) Pink 37 mm 0.41 mm (27G) Light Blue 37 mm 0.46 mm (26G) Brown 50 mm 0.51 mm (25G) Grey 75 mm 0.71 mm (22G) Light Green P art Number Needle Length
Dantec DCN vert group Dantec DCN concentric Needle Electrodes
Silicone coating and ultra-sharp, 3-bevel tip design increase patient comfort by reducing friction and insertion force Stainless steel cannula provides strength for efficient penetration and flexibility for precise adjustments Each needle has an ergonomically designed, color-coded hub with a recording area direction indicator Precisely centered, insulated tungsten core provides accurate signal detection Rigorous quality control assures consistent sharpness and high concentricity for clinical reliability Low impedance levels for accurate recordings Pre-sterilized Length Needle Diameter Hub Color 1” (25mm) 0.30mm (30G) Orange 1” (25mm) 0.46mm (26G) Green 1.5” (37mm) 0.46mm (26G) Blue 2” (50mm) 0.46mm (26G) Red 3” (75mm) 0.64mm (23G) Yellow
D039_V2-1 MYOLINE XP Disposable needle
Our new sharpening provides excellent penetration of the needle and less trauma for the patient. Core wire made of steel. Golden connector for best recording 100% quality control on manufactured needles Ergonomic handle with area indicator marker Colour Length Diameter Violet 25mm 0,30mm Red 30mm 0,35mm Grey 40mm 0,35mm Green 50mm 0,35mm Orange 30mm 0,45 mm Black 40mm 0,45mm Yellow 50mm 0,45mm Blue 60mm 0,50mm Brown 70mm 0,60mm
Dantec Disp Sensory needle 9013R0243 Ultra Disposable Sensory Needle Electrode
• Designed for recording potentials from muscles and nerves • Insulated stainless steel needle with exposed trocar-shaped tip which serves as the recording area • Pre-sterilized • Requires a cable with a 0.7 mm female touchproof connector on the electrode end • 25/pkg Length Diameter Recording Area mm2 15 mm 0.35 mm (28G) 2.0 mm 2 Active 15 mm 0.70 mm (22G) 2.0 mm 2 Active 20 mm 0.35 mm (28G) 2.0 mm 2 Active 30 mm 0.35 mm (28G) 5.0 mm 2 Active 30 mm 0.70 mm (22G) 5.0 mm 2 Active 50 mm 0.70 mm (22G) 5.0 mm 2 Active
Dantec Disp Sensory needle 9013R0243 EEG/EP Electrode - Disposable Scalp Needle
Optimal sharpness increases ease of insertion Ergonomic hub design for ease of control Use with reusable shielded cable for enhanced signal quality Pre-sterilized stainless steel needle: convenient; limits infection risk Needle Length Diameter Electrode End Quantity 10 mm 0.30 mm 0.7 mm male TP 40 pcs.
MN3010F075 EP-Subdermalneedle disposable without a cable
The subdermal needle with 0,7mm PIN connector can be attached to connecting cable 1002MED71F. The 2-core or 3-core (100cm or 200cm long) cable can be equipped with a 5-channel DIN or 1,5mm DIN plug as required.
MN3512P105 Disposable Subdermal Needle
Disposable Subdermal Needle – Subdermal Needle made of steel – Needle Length: 12 mm – Needle Ø: 0.35 mm – Cable Length: 8 cm Connector Pack 1 mm Pin 5 x 5 pcs 1 mm Pin 25 x 1 pcs 1 mm Pin 50 x 5 pcs 1 mm Pin 100 x 1 pcs 0,7 mm 5 x 5 pcs 0,7 mm 25 x 1 pcs