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CAPCABXX25F26SI_V1-1 Adapter
Electrode board adapter with 20 or 21 (20 electrodes + reference) to connect prewired headcaps with multi-connector like MultiCaps or ElectroCaps to any EEG system. Quantity Connection electrode side Connection device side Description 20 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN twisted 21 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN twisted 20 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN not twisted 21 Sub-D-25 1.5 mm DIN not twisted
E-4-Z-26_V2-1 Quick Insert electrode
The Quick Insert Electrode is used for all ElectroCaps and HeadCaps as a temporary bridge to remedy a faulty system cap electrode. 120 cm cable length Type Connector Tin 1.5 mm TP Tin 2 mm Sintert AgCl 1.5 mm TP Sintert AgCl 2 mm
Waveguard Connect adapter 021127 Waveguard connect adapter
Adapter for Waveguard connect EEG caps: allows the connection to EEG amplifiers without a DB25 connector; DB25 male connector to individual touchproof connectors; 31cm cable length
I-23_V1-1 Elastic Chin Strap
Elastic chin straps for attaching ElectroCaps Size adults 17.7 cm teenager 12.7 cm child/infa (for all infacaps)