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NUPREP_V1-1 Nuprep
For skin preparation. Recommended gel for improving recording quality. content pack tube of 114 g 3 pcs tube of 114 g 50 x 3 pcs tube of 25 g 6 pcs
Tube_Abrasiv OneStep AbrasivPlus
OneStep AbrasivPlus has been developed on the basis of practical experience. A consistent further development of our OneStep EEG gel, it has has a stronger grain size and a firmer consistency. For this reason it is particularly suitable for more horny skin or increased sweating and also for use in long-term monitoring. Stronger abrasive effect More viscous
Signa-Spray-2 Signa Spray
Electrolyte spray for skin preparation. Biostatic, hypoallergenic, no residue. Bottle 250 ml
EEG contact creme in bottle to reduce skin contact resistance. No adhesive effect. Quantity 1 x 142g 12 x 142g 1 x 170g