Right of revocation

a) In case of an effective revocation, the services received at both ends must be returned and, if necessary drawn benefits must be issued.

b) The purchaser shall have a five-day right of return for accessories and a right og withdrawal of devices for fifteen days. He shall bear the costs of the return plus a processing fee of 20% of the value of the goods if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods. Otherweise the return packet for the purchaser is free.

c) If the customer is unable to recover the received service in full or in part or only in a deteriorated state, NEUROLITE AG may demand a corresponding value proposition.

d) The right of revocation does not exist for deliveries of goods, which are clearly tailored to the individual needs of a customer, not suitable due to their condition for a return (for example sterile goods) or if the expiration date would be exceeded.