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Disc electrode 019-411700 Reusable Disc Ground Electrode
Long-lasting stainless steel disc 1.5mm female touchproof Compatibility: Most EMG systems cable length diameter 0.75 m 30.5 mm
PLGD125 Plates Ground electrode
These electrodes made of stainless steel offer an alternative to the ground strips. The shape of the earthing electrodes does not essentially make a big difference. What is more important is the positioning, correct seating and a good transfer resistance. A Velcro strip or rubber band is used for fixing. To achieve the necessary transfer resistance if there are any contact problems, the electrode can be fitted using contact gel, as for traditional earthing electrodes. The connecting cable has a fixed connection with the plates and its length cannot be varied. – Electrode with 120 cm cable with 0.15 mm TP. Stecker – Diameter of electrodes is 32 mm
Disp Gnd Electrode 019-768500 Disposable Ground Plate Electrode
Pre-gelled Ag/AgCl ground plate electrodes; 40mm x 50mm contact area Two ground plate electrodes per pouch Ideal for NCS studies Requires reusable alligator-clip lead wires
SG25-000 Ground Band Electrodes
– High quality recording. – Elastic material which guarantees excellent patient comfort. – Pulled through with finest stainless steel threads. Inherent resistance Length / Width 50 OHM 25 cm / 20 cm 50 OHM 40 cm / 20 cm 50 OHM 70 cm / 20 cm 0 OHM 25 cm / 20 cm 0 OHM 25 cm / 20 cm 0 OHM 70 cm / 20 cm